The Best Cinnamon in the World

The Best Cinnamon in the World

Last year, Edmond and I traveled to Vietnam for the first time…an amazing adventure where we had an opportunity to combine some of our humanitarian and culinary interests.  Sahale Snacks is supporting efforts in Vietnam to remove unexploded bombs and ammunition leftover from the war, a serious problem that still kills people decades later and makes some of the richest soil in the world unusable.

We purchase Vietnamese ingredients like cashews, cinnamon and black pepper to make Sahale Snacks and the opportunity to meet our suppliers and see their communities was eye opening. One of our most memorable experiences was travelling to the aromatic cinnamon forests in the far north along the China border, an area largely inaccessible by road until very recently, and where some of the world’s best cinnamon comes from.

And all across the country, we met the most wonderful, generous people and enjoyed the most extraordinary, flavorful and colorful meals.  As Edmond and I are both so enthusiastic about good food, Vietnam was a flavorful, cultural journey we will be repeating soon.

By: Josh S., Co-Founder

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