Sahale Snacks Cheese Pairings

We were excited to be a sponsor of the 2013 International Food Bloggers Conference in our hometown of Seattle.  Being surrounded by other natural foods brands, food bloggers, and local chefs, we knew were were among friends. One of the highlights was partnering with our friends at Beechers to create custom cheese pairings.  Trust us when we say that you can’t go wrong with salty-sweet-crunchy Sahale Snacks and creamy, delicious Beechers cheese.  Here are those cheese pairings so you can try them for yourself!



Valdosta Pecans

Black-peppered pecans and sweet cranberries, this blend evokes the classic taste of the American South.



A semi-hard cow’s milk cheese with a robust, nutty flavor complements the sweet cranberries in Valdosta.

Pomegranate Pistachios

Exotic, yet accessible tastes combine in this Moroccan-inspired blend, with lemon and a hint of pepper.


Honey Blank Slate

A soft, fresh farmer’s cheese, sweetened with local honey pairs well with bold, complex Pomegranate Pistachios.

Almonds with
Parmesan Cheese + Herbs

Lightly roasted almonds, mixed with grated Parmesan cheese, sun dried tomatoes, and a fresh herb blend.

Dutch Hollow Dulcet

Lightly tangy and elegant, this cheese is rich in butterfat which makes it the perfect textural contrast to crunchy Almonds with Parmesan.



By: Janet L., Director Marketing & Brand Development

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