San Juan Island Adventure

At Sahale Snacks, we’re always looking for new sources of culinary inspiration. Great restaurants, spice hunting trips, or dinner at a friends house, you never know when a new ingredient, or a new flavor combination will break through the clouds like a gleaming ray of inspirational sunlight.

So, in the spirit of cultivating inspiration, we sometimes organize taste adventures with our friends.  Our trip to the San Juan Islands was one of our favorites.  Three days exploring the beautiful coast off of Washington State, by the Canadian boarder.  Along for the ride, a chef and nutritionist, a self-proclaimed food geek who can build anything, the Indiana Jones of food foraging, and one of the most talented up-and-coming chefs in the country.  Kayaking, snorkeling, hiking and collecting anything edible along the way, we ended with an incredible, inspiring dinner on a driftwood beach that sets a new standard for campfire cooking.

By: Edmond S., Co-Founder, Sahale Snacks

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