Sahale Snacks Dr. Oz

Sahale Snacks in Dr. Oz’s The Good Life Magazine

We’re excited to share that Sahale Snacks is featured in next month’s inaugural issue of Dr. Oz’s The Good Life magazine! Our Sing Buri Cashews are listed as a surprising way to boost energy and a “Dr. Oz Favorite.”

The article says, “Running on empty? Reach for this cocktail-hour staple. Just one ounce of cashews (about 13) provides almost 20% of your daily requirement of revitalizing magnesium, more than you’ll find in walnuts, pistachios and many other nuts.”

We hope next time you’re running on empty, you’ll think of Sing Buri Sahale Snacks. They’re beyond ordinary!

Check out the magazine’s website at:

By: Elizabeth Sommer

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