Tracing bars back to the beginning.

Tracing bars back to the beginning.

We began developing bars shortly after launching Sahale Snacks more than a decade ago. It always seemed natural that our nut blends could be adapted into bars, but the specific recipe didn’t come together until a few years ago.

After all, picking up a snack bar at the gym is a convenient way to end a workout. Unfortunately, these bars often taste bland or have an unpleasant texture—as if the only options were soft and mushy or crunchy and difficult to eat. Our bars had to be different.

And they are. The secret is layers—some chewy, some crunchy, some creamy. What’s more, Sahale Snack Bars are made from the same, quality ingredients and creative spice combinations used in our nut blends. The key was creating our unique nut-butter blend made of cashews, dates and brown rice. That’s the core of our new line of bars. We top that layer with nuts, puffed rice and fruit. And then, we drizzle them with real dark chocolate or organic white chocolate—the final step in taking the tastiness of these bars over the top. Give them a bite. You’re sure to enjoy what’s under the wrapper.

By: Sahale Snacks Team

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