Introducing packaging as delicious as the snacks inside.

By: Elizabeth Sommer in Taste Adventures

Starting this summer, there’s even more to love about Sahale Snacks—our new look! Our pouches will now be brighter and more colorful with stunning, high-resolution photography showcasing the snacks inside.

In addition to the new look, we’ve also renamed two of your favorite Nut Blends. From now on, our Sing Buri Cashews will be known as Thai Cashews to acknowledge the inspiration behind this daring combination of ingredients. A hint of lemongrass, the soy glazed cashews and the mild heat of Chinese chili creates this distinct Thai-inspired blend. Additionally, our Soledad Almonds will now be called Balsamic Almonds. The name recalls the delightful Balsamic glaze that coats the Mediterranean-inspired ingredients of almonds and dried apples. Of course, while each blend sports a new look and new name, you’ll still recognize your favorite flavors in each bag.

These important package and naming changes ensure that all Sahale Snacks products, from our Nut Blends to our Trail Mixes, have a consistent look and feel. It means you’ll be able to find us on the shelf more easily. We certainly hope you like what we’ve done.

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Brussels Sprouts with Chorizo and Toasted Sahale Almonds

By: Elizabeth Sommer in Recipes, Taste Adventures

If you’re looking for a comforting side dish this Winter, we highly recommend this recipe featuring Brussels sprouts, crispy chorizo, and toasted Sahale Snacks California Almonds + Sea Salt.

Beyond being exceptionally tasty, it’s good to know Brussels sprouts have positive health benefits.  They’re high in fiber, loaded with the antioxidant vitamin C, and they’re being enjoyed by adventurous eaters everywhere.  We paired this delectable side dish with a well-seasoned grilled pork chop.  It was simple to execute, but Beyond OrdinaryTM to enjoy!

Try it and tell us what you think –

Last Stop of the Snack Better® Tour is Austin, Texas

By: Elizabeth Sommer in Taste Adventures

Sahale Snacks brand ambassadors will be in Austin, Texas in October handing out wholesome, tasty Sahale Snacks to everyone attempting to “Keep Austin Weird.”  We’re excited for Austin residents and visitors to experience the amazing clusters in our Glazed nut blends, and the innovative fruit infusions in our Nut + Fruit mixes. We hope they enjoy the snacks as much as the people did in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Portland and Seattle!

Whether you’re walking around downtown Austin to look for a fun restaurant, or your waiting in line to enter a historic music venue, be sure to pick-up Grab & Go Sahale at a local 7-Eleven and bring it with you.  It’s always great to have a satiating snack in a convenient size for when you’re on the move.

Remember to look for our Craving Cruiser near the University of Texas at Austin campus too.  If you miss us handing out samples, stop by Whole Foods Market, swing by the snack aisle, and purchase some Sahale Snacks Cashews with Pomegranate & Vanilla. They’re the perfect tailgating and football-viewing snack because they have a sweet-salty crunch that can keep your entire crew satisfied this Fall.

We’ll also be at the Arboretum, and Zilker Park, because we want you to stay fueled with delicious snacks as you shop and attend concerts.  If you need more Sahale after you run into the Snack Better® Tour, remember that you can always swing by Sprouts Farmer’s Market to stock up.

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Camp Korey Volunteer Day for Sahale Employees

By: Elizabeth Sommer in Taste Adventures

At Sahale Snacks, we believe in giving back to our community and one special partnership we’re currently dedicated to is with Camp Korey.  Nestled in between the beautiful farms in Carnation, WA, Camp Korey provides camp programs for children with serious or life-threatening illnesses. Essentially, they make childhood dreams come true, which is no easy feat and it’s certainly extraordinary!

This summer, Sahale Snacks employees spent two days at Camp Korey to assist with making beds, preparing the bunk rooms for another week of campers, and cleaning the dining hall. It was really rewarding to be able to prepare the rooms and know that another group of children would soon be having a week of fun and camp adventure.

In addition to readying the bunkhouses, we also helped the camp get ready for a farm-to-table feast.  We harvested beets, green beans and edible flowers to be used in the meal.  We also planted 150 ears of corn and 150 heads of lettuce to replenish the crop for the upcoming weeks.  The majority of the food eaten at Camp Korey comes from their garden so the campers are able to learn about farming and sustainability, while the kitchen is able to closely monitor dietary restrictions of the campers.  Another bonus to having a garden on site is that everything is extremely fresh, and absolutely delicious!

If you know of a camper that would like to attend Camp Korey or know of a counselor that would love to work there, you can find great information on Camp Korey’s website.  …

Snack Better Tour Rolls into our Hometown of Seattle

By: Elizabeth Sommer in Taste Adventures

The Snack Better Tour is here in Seattle!  Our Craving Cruiser and all of our Brand Ambassadors will be roaming the city – from Pike Place Market to Pioneer Square and over to U Village – handing out our innovative Nut + Fruit trail mixes as well as our wholesome and delicious nut blends.  We’re really proud to have the sampling tour in our own backyard, because we’ll get to hand snacks to some of our loyal customers and introduce the brand to new ones.  Look for the Sahale Snacks green t-shirts and blue hats on the street.  If you see them, make sure you request a snack!

Best to look for the Snack Better Tour between 1pm and 6pm in the following locations over the next several days:

September 5th – South Lake Union

September 6th – Pioneer Square

September 7th – Pike Place Market

September 10th – Pacific Place and Westlake

September 11th – Westlake Center

September 12th – Safeco & Century Link

September 13th – U Village and Husky Stadium

September 14th – Seattle Aquarium and Waterfront

Looking for the Craving Cruiser in these locations but can’t spot it? Please contact us at @SahaleSnacks on Twitter, and we’ll get you an update as soon as possible.