Sous Vide Steak in the Wild

Josh and I have always been outdoor enthusiasts with a love for great food, and are always looking to combine our amazing outdoor adventures with great views and a delicious meal. One of our most memorable adventures was a quest to cook the perfect sous vide steak in the wild. As many of our …

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Curried Coucous & Cashew Recipe

By: Elizabeth Sommer in Recipes


Since we’re all creatures of habit, we fall into routines.  We eat healthy, we eat poorly, we exercise regularly or we choose to sit on the couch.  Regardless of what your current routine is, you can break free from mundane food choices with this amazing Curried Couscous and Cashew Recipe.

It’s a Mediterranean-inspired prepared side on its own, or it pairs exceptionally well with grilled chicken, sautéed root vegetables, or even fried tofu to create a substantial and fulfilling main course.  The cashews add a wonderful contrast in texture to the chewy raisins, cooked chick peas and soft couscous, so you’re left with a satisfying crunch in every bite.

Sahale Snacks in Dr. Oz’s The Good Life Magazine

By: Elizabeth Sommer in News

We’re excited to share that Sahale Snacks is featured in next month’s inaugural issue of Dr. Oz’s The Good Life magazine! Our Sing Buri Cashews are listed as a surprising way to boost energy and a “Dr. Oz Favorite.”

The article says, “Running on empty? Reach for this cocktail-hour staple. Just one ounce of cashews (about 13) provides almost 20% of your daily requirement of revitalizing magnesium, more than you’ll find in walnuts, pistachios and many other nuts.”

We hope next time you’re running on empty, you’ll think of Sing Buri Sahale Snacks. They’re beyond ordinary!

Check out the magazine’s website at:

Thai Cucumber Salad

By: Edmond Sanctis in Recipes

This tasty and unique recipe makes a wonderful addition to the dinner table any time of year. It’s terrific with spicy grilled foods, delicately cooked salmon or prawns, and cracked crab.

Add the sugar/vinegar solution to taste. Sometimes the cucumbers need less than the 3 tablespoons.  Leftover cucumber salad is terrific as a sandwich topper especially on roasted chicken.  Larger batches of the vinegar mixture can be made in advance. I do a batch of 3 tablespoons brown sugar and 3 ounces vinegar and store it in a squirt bottle in the refrigerator so I can just add some to a batch of cucumbers when I want.

Makes 6-8 servings

San Juan Island Adventure

By: Edmond Sanctis in Taste Adventures, Videos

At Sahale Snacks, we’re always looking for new sources of culinary inspiration. Great restaurants, spice hunting trips, or dinner at a friends house, you never know when a new ingredient, or a new flavor combination will break through the clouds like a gleaming ray of inspirational sunlight.

So, in the spirit of cultivating inspiration, we sometimes organize taste adventures with our friends.  Our trip to the San Juan Islands was one of our favorites.  Three days exploring the beautiful coast off of Washington State, by the Canadian boarder.  Along for the ride, a chef and nutritionist, a self-proclaimed food geek who can build anything, the Indiana Jones of food foraging, and one of the most talented up-and-coming chefs in the country.  Kayaking, snorkeling, hiking and collecting anything edible along the way, we ended with an incredible, inspiring dinner on a driftwood beach that sets a new standard for campfire cooking.