Sous Vide Steak in the Wild

Josh and I have always been outdoor enthusiasts with a love for great food, and are always looking to combine our amazing outdoor adventures with great views and a delicious meal. One of our most memorable adventures was a quest to cook the perfect sous vide steak in the wild. As many of our …

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The Snack Better Tour is Cruising to Los Angeles

By: Elizabeth Sommer in Taste Adventures


The Snack Better Tour introduced thousands of new fans to Sahale Snacks in San Francisco this past month. The Craving Cruiser is now heading to Southern California and we’re so excited to visit Los Angeles!

Los Angeles is an incredible food city - from the Santa Monica Farmers Market, to Grand Central Market in downtown, and all the inspiring food businesses like Coolhaus’s ice cream, Lindy and Grundy’s thoughtfully-sourced offerings, and Umami Burger – the burger that launched flavor-forward burgers across the country.  Our Snack Better Tour team is going to feel right at home handing out Sahale Snacks in this tastemaker town. We’re excited to meet tons of our favorite snackers and introduce them to our newest Nut + Fruit Mix flavors. We think our chipotle-spiced Almond Mix, Mango Tango, will be a hit this summer, because who doesn’t want a slight kick of heat in their favorite snack?!

Check our Facebook page for exact sampling locations.  We look forward to hearing your thoughts about Sahale Snacks too.  Be sure to share what you think by posting to our Facebook timeline, tweeting @SahaleSnacks or emailing  We hope you find our snacks to be Beyond Ordinary!

Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies with Maple Pecans

By: Elizabeth Sommer in Recipes, Taste Adventures

Don’t you love the taste and smell of freshly baked chocolate chip cookies?  We do too!

In fact, we’re often looking for ways to turn a regular recipe into something that’s special. We were struck with recipe inspiration the other night that we wanted to share with you.  We recently created Toll House Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies, added Sahale Snacks Maple Pecans on top and baked them. The result completely elevated our simple cookie experience.  It added just a touch of maple sweetness that really complemented the peanut butter, and a textural delight with the pecan crunch.

Do you have a delicious way to add Sahale Snacks to your favorite baked treat? Tell us about it at  Or, post to Twitter or Pinterest with @SahaleSnacks or #snackbetter.



Summer S’Mores with Sahale Snacks

By: Elizabeth Sommer in Taste Adventures

With the warm, summer weather here, we’ve been heading out for hikes, hitting the trails on our bikes, and even spending time around the camp fire. If you find yourself camping, be sure to add the new Nut + Fruit trail mixes from Sahale Snacks to your backpack. They not only make an extraordinary snack for the trail, with innovative ingredients like lemon-infused apple, they’ll take your taste buds on a flavor journey!

Sahale Snacks is Coming to San Francisco

By: Elizabeth Sommer in Taste Adventures

Big News!! We’re headed out on the road this summer with the goal of handing out thousands of delicious tastes of Sahale Snacks. We want people to try our extraordinary nut blends and trail mixes with the hope that they’ll fall in love with the layers of flavor. The first stop on our Snack Better Tour is San Francisco. We’ll be there for the month of July, and since we’re so excited to see the city, we compiled a list of the top 5 places we’re excited for our Crave Cruiser to be

Sahale Snacks in Dr. Oz’s The Good Life Magazine

By: Elizabeth Sommer in News

We’re excited to share that Sahale Snacks is featured in next month’s inaugural issue of Dr. Oz’s The Good Life magazine! Our Sing Buri Cashews are listed as a surprising way to boost energy and a “Dr. Oz Favorite.”

The article says, “Running on empty? Reach for this cocktail-hour staple. Just one ounce of cashews (about 13) provides almost 20% of your daily requirement of revitalizing magnesium, more than you’ll find in walnuts, pistachios and many other nuts.”

We hope next time you’re running on empty, you’ll think of Sing Buri Sahale Snacks. They’re beyond ordinary!

Check out the magazine’s website at: